you ever be wit a girl you like but you gotta fart real bad and you holding it in but as soon as she leave yo booty go off like the choppa

son i was strokin dis girl at my friend house n i left the room to get something or i was finish ion remember but da second i hit that corner my gotdam booboo air propelled me up the stairs boy…son…. i floated up to the 3rd floor son

Anonymous: why did u tag something from brooklyn nine nine as parks and recreation


i guess its cus im watching parks and rec on netflix

it was on an april part too and i tagged it april ludgate


Jus’ got him outta the ruins, poor little thing, with a great slash across his forehead, an’ his parents dead… an’ Sirius Black turns up, on that flyin’ motorbike he used ter ride. White an’ shakin’, he was. [requested by anonymous, based on (x)]