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Harry and Luna by merychess


Harry and Luna by merychess

Does… does it hurt? Dying?
Quicker than falling asleep.


↪ It was cruel that you and Sirius had such a short time together. A brutal ending to what should have been a long and happy relationship.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Snape’s Worst Memory
Excitement exploded in the pit of his stomach: It was as though he was looking at himself but with deliberate mistakes. James’s eyes were hazel, his nose was slightly longer than Harry’s, and there was no scar on his forehead, but they had the same thin face, same mouth, same eyebrows. James’s hair stood up at the back exactly as Harry’s did, his hands could have been Harry’s, and Harry could tell that when James stood up, they would be within an inch of each other’s height.

sinfulsirius asked:  marauders or golden trio?